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I am delighted to welcome you to the website of Spiral Sounds Yoga. The new innovative classes combining gentle hatha yoga and singing. 

I have been practicing yoga for a number of years and have fallen in love with what it has done for me, mind, body and breath. 


As I learnt more about yoga I discovered more and more how much connection there was between yoga practice and the natural voice philosophy. I feel that with the use of gentle hatha yoga we can go deeper into our voice, remove tension and sing more freely. We not only stretch and strengthen our bodies but we also build a stronger mind-body-voice connection. It is also excellent for those with breathing conditions such as COPD. 


The class will run from - It will involve gentle hatha yoga movements, chanting, singing and relaxation. 


Cost will be £5 per class. 

It is recommended you bring a yoga mat, come in loose, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket. 


Please contact Louise for further information on 07946 344281

or email

Senior Yoga Class


Tuesday 5th November 2019

11am - 12pm

 Blackwood Pavilion, Blackwood Park


Blackwood Park is a truly diverse site, fitting in a swath of rich woodland and more manicured landscaping in a small 4 hectare package. It used to be a part of the sprawling Sutton Chase prior to housing developments, and the site is one of the last remnants of what was historically Foley Wood. The park is located in Streetly, just west of Sutton Park. £5 per session


There is no dedicated parking for the site. There are multiple pedestrian access points off Cedar Drive, Larchwood Crescent, Blackwood Road, and Lowlands Avenue and lots of parking on these roads.

Please let me know if you are coming as space is limited. 

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